Friday, September 13, 2013

Wireless as it Should be Done...

Earlier this week our team facilitated a meeting for many of our building instructional technology coordinators and techs.  The morning was full of presentations from the technical/"nuts and bolts" people from the district.  Among those sharing information was one of our amazing network technicians.  He and his co-worker make some fantastic things happen in our buildings, including our new wireless network setup.

Here is the new configuration: one network, one password, and feel free to share it with teachers, parents, visitors, students, or whoever is in our buildings.


So a teacher that would like to bring their own device from home and use it for instruction can easily access a wireless connection?  Yep.

So a student that would like to use their own device at school, including their phone, can easily access a wireless connection?  Yep.

So a parent that is visiting the building can easily access a wireless connection if they need one?  Yep.

It's bring your own device without calling it BYOD and it simply makes sense.

In fact, in my humble opinion, it's BRILLIANT.

Much of the room of tough to please people (for all of the right reasons) nodded their head in approval and did their best to hold back their applause until our network administrator was done with his part of the presentation. 

Quick side note: His introduction music as he walked up to present was the theme from Superman.  Let's just say that he lived up to that intro.

No more working extremely hard to lock down our network.  It's giving everyone the access they deserve and allows us all to work smarter and not harder.  That's what it's all about.  A system like this fosters a welcoming, innovative, and productive mindset for all who enter our buildings.  No constantly changing passwords, clunky guest wireless logins, multiple firewalls, etc.  Simply login and get things done.

Welcome to CCSD.

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