Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Its Mere Presence...

I was fortunate enough to participate in both of the #EdChat Twitter chats yesterday.  That doesn't happen near often enough.  I always gain so much from the live conversations as well as the self-reflection afterward.  Yesterday's evening #EdChat was focused around creativity and innovation in education.  Since my profession is directly involved with technology that aspect of education ends up being mentioned often in conversations like this.  Here's a tweet (among a few more) that garnered some attention within the chat.

One thing our team makes painfully clear, no matter who we're working with, is that technology use doesn't necessarily mean that creativity, innovation, "21st Century" teaching and learning, etc. is actually occurring.  It's absolutely essential in technology integration to begin with an instructional/achievement goal and then thoughtfully integrate technology that will enhance the lesson/unit/work for the students as well as the teacher.  When approaching things in this manner everyone, including and most importantly the students, has a chance to "win."

So when contemplating/planning/reflecting upon/talking about technology integration, please allow me to encourage you to stay focused on the students and their learning rather than technology as a whole.  As a wise person once said, "Technology is a tool.  It's not a learning outcome."  Available support options include but definitely aren't limited to: getting in touch with a close-by colleague, contacting your building or district instructional technology specialist (if you have access to people like that in your building or district), joining a Twitter chat, etc.  These options can help with creating meaningful depth and likely enhance the use of technology in your learning environment.  There are more people than you're aware of that would be happy to support you and your students with taking technology use in your classroom to a whole new level.  

Be brave, be bold, and watch the magic happen.  The students will thank you for it and that's all that really matters in the end.


  1. Thanks for sharing Jay!
    This connects with my email tagline:
    Keep focused on the desired outcome rather than the technology and you’ll
    make good decisions.

  2. So we're on the same page Dana. Nothing new. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you're well and see you again soon!