Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Working Toward Someday

Someday there will be no need for a "Tech Committee" or a "Technology Leadership Team."

Someday technology will seamlessly find its way into conversations about effective instruction.

Someday technology won't be viewed as "separate", an event, "one more thing", or one more meeting.

Someday I won't be known as "The Tech Guy", I'll be known as the instructional guy who has a technology background.

Someday technology won't be all about the tools, it will be about what the tools help us accomplish.

Someday the main purpose of classroom technology use will not revolve around the word "engagement", it will revolve around effective teaching practice which naturally engages students anyway.

Someday we'll buy more technology because we won't be printing as much as we have in the past.

Someday everyone will be good at technology and the term "I'm not good with technology" will no longer be used.  (We all struggled with the VCR and/or DVD player and now we're all pretty good at it.)

Someday meaningful technology integration will be initiated by this phrase, "I want my students/teachers to <insert something awesome here>

I work toward someday daily.  This is what I do.


  1. I liked your "working to someday" statements. So true! I work toward someday daily too :)

    1. Thanks for checking out my post! I would hope that all of us work toward someday. Enjoy the journey!